Friday, August 8, 2008

Tours around Tbilisi (3): Kojori Fortress

Tbilisi offers a wide range of 1- day tours.
Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) has tested some of them.

Please note: GTA does not sell tours, the service is for information only and we do not take responsibility for any inconvenience that people might encounter during the proposed tours.


Tour 3: Kojori Fortress

A spectacular fortress in the vicinity of Tbilisi and a glimpse of the mountains of Armenia.

On the southern end of village Kojori, the fortress is situated on a hillock of the Teleti Range and overlooking the valleys of Algeti & Khrami Rivers.

From the village, walk along the small road through a patch of forest to the car park on a meadow near the fortress. Continue past the graveyard to the northern end of the fortress and on the right between the rocks to the iron ladders that lead to the right top of the fortress. (The left top -a bit higher- is reached with some careful scrambling up the rocks). Enjoy the fine view!

Hike options
The forests around the fortress offer various hike options i.e. to Ormotsa Church which lies in the forest South-East of the fortress and can be seen from the top. A forest path leads down to the church.

How to get there
From Tbilisi, village Kojori is reached on the Kojori road (Mtatsminda) by Marshrutka, taxi or car in around 30 min. After entering the village, take the first road left in southern direction. It will lead you through a patch of forest and a meadow near the fortress hill. If in doubt ask villagers to point you the right direction.

Easy, 1/2 Day, min. walking distance 300m


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I am going to Kojori today. One of the few place around Tbilisi I have not been.

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